Housing expats

Housing internationals

A happy employee is a better employee, and happiness starts at home. Searching for a new place and moving in is an exciting but challenging process. We offer a wide range of solutions to support you with your relocation, or the relocation of your international employees.

Whether you need a short term stay or you’re moving permanently, we can find the housing solution whatever your relocation needs. We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of being an expat is feeling like you’re at home.

We believe finding the perfect home is essential to your success in Amsterdam. Our network expands globally and includes national and global relocation companies, global mobility providers as well HR departments of all major employers in greater Amsterdam area. We are here to make your relocation as seamless as possible by managing the details so you can focus on settling in.

We can offer support starting from the moment you decide to relocate to Amsterdam and will continue to be on-call until you are comfortably settled in your new home.

We proudly guide our clients into the Dutch lifestyle, from bridging the cultural gap, to guidance in finding local service providers (doctors, insurance etc.), to help with sports activities and clubs, to cultural activities and leisure activities.

We can support you throughout your relocation by:

  • Arranging a call to discuss your specific housing needs
  • Introducing you to the Dutch housing market
  • Identifying potential homes that meet your criteria
  • Coordinate and accompany you on a personal viewing tour (physically or virtually) and can arrange local transport if needed
  • Negotiate and prepare the offer for the home you choose
  • Offer advice and expectations for rent, service charges, appliances and utilities etc.
  • Review the contract and assist in the signing process
  • Accompany you during check-in and help familiarise you with the neighbourhood
  • Help you contact utility providers and set up home comforts such as TV, internet etc.
  • Remaining on-call for any unforeseen circumstances, such as being locked out of your new home

So, let’s talk?