How we roll

At Absolute Housing we create bespoke solutions to help you navigate the increasingly complex housing industry in Amsterdam.

With a clear understanding of the many challenges you may face, whether you are looking to house yourself, an international employee or to find appropriate tenants for your rental, Absolute Housing can help you meet your goals.

Our passion and knowledge lies in creating a bespoke solution and delivering results that exceed your expectations and create lasting relationships.

We proudly guide our clients into the Dutch lifestyle, from bridging the cultural gap, to guidance in finding local service providers (doctors, insurance etc.), to help with sports activities and clubs, to cultural activities and leisure activities, we’re here to help you fit every last piece of the puzzle.

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What we stand for

Keeping it real – calling a spade a spade
Honesty and transparency – no hidden unnecessary costs
Good value, great results – repeat business
Guaranteed results – or your money back!

What we’re not

Greedy – money is not our driving force. Happiness and results are
Yes people – we push back if we don’t think the solution is right for you
All talk – action and results speak in volumes!
Big agency – we’re dynamic, efficient and effective