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Whatever your reason for starting a new adventure, leaving home is a big step in this journey called Life. Trying to navigate the Amsterdam housing market can seem impossible at times and rental properties get snatched up fast. Let us do the hard work so you can find your dream home.

With our network and expertise you can expect:

  • Exclusive access to unpublished pre-market properties
  • Preferential treatment over comparable similar offers from other candidates
  • To identify pros and cons of properties otherwise overlooked
  • The best outcome of rental condition negotiations – we know the market value and have developed superb negotiation skills
  • Fair and decent contracts, as well as our advice and insight during the lease itself
  • A fair and thorough examination and report of the property at handover to ensure protection of security deposit
  • Plus, if you’re not happy with the results, we guarantee your money back no questions asked

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